Heroes Implementation Research Scholar Award

Heroes Implementation Research Scholar Award


The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) announces the availability of two APIC Heroes Implementation Research Scholar (HIRS) Awards for January 2017- March 2018.

The primary goals of the Heroes in Implementation Research Scholarship are to:

  • Promote research in implementation science;
  • Improve patient outcomes by championing for systemic adoption of infection prevention and control programs in healthcare settings; and
  • Highlight evidence-based and best practices in instituting this approach.

This scholarship will provide career development opportunities for highly qualified individuals and help to create bridges between infection preventionists and professionals in other clinical disciplines.

Two awards of up to $40,000 each will be granted for a project period from January 1, 2017 to March 30, 2018. The payment period is January 1, 2017-December 31, 2017; the last 3 months of the project period is to be utilized to finalize a manuscript for submission to the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC).


APIC is the leading professional association for infection preventionists (IPs) with more than 15,000 members. Our mission is to create a safer world through the prevention of infection. This is achieved by the provision of better care to promote better health at a lower cost. APIC Strategic Plan 2020 outlines five key areas in which APIC can make significant contributions: patient safety; implementation science; infection preventionist competencies and certification; advocacy; and data standardization.

The 2017-2018 APIC HIRS Awards will support research that advances infection prevention through implementation science. Implementation Science has been defined as research that creates new knowledge about how best to design, implement, and evaluate quality improvement initiatives. The most competitive applications will focus on implementation science, demonstrating its value and implications for infection prevention and quality efforts across clinical settings.

Applicants are encouraged to submit innovative proposals that are achievable within the allotted award funding, time frame, and their available support resources. APIC will not provide direct technical, scientific, or data support services as part of the awards.

Consistent with the indicators of success for implementation science included in APIC Strategic Plan 2020, it is expected that recipients of the APIC Research awards will present the results of their findings at the APIC Annual Conference and prepare a manuscript for submission to APIC’s scholarly journal, American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC).

Application Requirements


  • Project funding will be commensurate with the size and scope of the proposed project. APIC may elect to award less than $40,000 if warranted by the specifications of the proposal.
  • All funds must be used in direct support of the project. All direct research costs (including salary, benefits, research supplies, etc.) are permitted; this proposal does not support indirect costs.
  • Initial release, publication or any other form of dissemination of awarded project will be via APIC venues mentioned above and will include acknowledgement of funding through the APIC Heroes of Infection Prevention program and its funding mechanism.


  • Applicants must be current members of APIC; if you are not yet a member but would like to submit a proposal for this award, please go here https://apic.org/Member-Services/Join to join as a member.
  • Researchers, including those in early career stages, may submit a proposal through their organization. The lead researcher must hold a graduate degree but is not required to be employed as an infection preventionist.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are tax exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

Members of the APIC Research Committee, current APIC directors or APIC staff members are not eligible to apply. Family members of individuals serving in one of these capacities are not eligible to apply without prior written permission.

Award Conditions

As a condition of the award, recipients must sign a statement signifying their acceptance of certain conditions:

  • All research activities will be conducted in accordance with standard human subject protection, including Institutional Review Board approval if required;
  • Initial publication and presentation of supported research will be presented in an APIC-related venue unless prior written permission is granted by the chair of the research committee; and
  • The awardee and awardee’s affiliated institution are expected to follow all the terms of the letter of agreement to be eligible for payment of awarded grant.

Application process

Complete applications should be emailed to cmalik@apic.org no later than 5:00 pm PST on November 21, 2016.

Application Components

1. Curriculum vitae for lead researcher with name and contact information

2. Proposal
Narrative – maximum 6, double-spaced pages:

  • Background: Describe the knowledge gap that exists and why it is important to the field of infection prevention.
  • Aims/Objectives: Clearly state the objectives of the proposed research. Implementation infection prevention practices across clinical disciplines is a desired objective/aim
  • Proposed methods: Full project plan not required, but must describe overall methods for project completion.
  • Importance of the findings
  • Plans for dissemination, publication, or presentation

Budget – 1 page:

  • Budget narrative for an amount not to exceed $40,000

3. Two letters of support, one of which must be from the applicant’s affiliated institution

4. Any other pertinent documents in support of the application and proposal


For More Information

Submit any inquiries regarding this solicitation to cmalik@apic.org.




September 12, 2016 Request for Applications released  
October 24, 2016 Complete application required by 5:00 pm PST Submit via email to: cmalik@apic.org
November 21, 2016 Awardees notified  
January 1, 2017 Start of award period 50% of total award granted
January-April 2017 Regular check-ins with Research Committee members (as needed) and APIC staff Awardee to create work-plan and time-line by mid-January
Mid-April 2017 Check-in with APIC staff Submit outline and well-developed project plan for review and feedback by Research Committee
June 2017 Oral presentation of progress to APIC research committee at APIC Annual Conference Submit written report (on work done so far) to APIC staff prior to meeting at Annual Conference
Mid-September 2017 Check-in with APIC staff Submit first final draft and draft abstract for manuscript for review and feedback by Research Committee
December 31, 2017 End of payment period Remainder of award granted upon submission of full report, including final abstract for manuscript submission and budget
Mid-February 2018 Check-in with APIC staff Submit complete draft of manuscript to APIC staff for Research Committee
March 30, 2018 End of project Submit manuscript to AJIC

BD is pleased to support the 2016 APIC Heroes of Infection Prevention Program and the outstanding and essential work of the Heroes honorees in the field of infection prevention.