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Communications Committee Chair

Laura Buford, RN, BSN, CIC
Round Rock, TX

Laura Buford graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with her BSN in 1987 and started her nursing career in Dallas, TX at Children’s Medical Center. She worked on Med/Surg, PACU, and ED for three and a half years there and had a short stint as a research nurse. In 1991, Laura returned to Austin and worked in ED, home health, and PACU where she was initially offered a part-time position doing infection control. She truly enjoyed infection control and decided to find a full-time position at another local facility. Ms. Buford has been working full-time in infection prevention since 2000. She became a member of APIC in 1996 and has been very active in the Central Texas Chapter, holding all leadership positions except treasurer. In 2012, Laura became a member of the Communications Committee. She is the chair of the committee for 2015-2016