APIC's Virtual Learning Labs

APIC's newest elearning program combines live online learning sessions, discussion board activities, and real world application exercises. Ranging from 4-6 weeks, APIC's Virtual Learning Labs provide a blended learning experience for IPs at all proficiency levels. 

These programs are reviewed and approved for Continuing Nursing Education Credits (CNEs), a recognized method of quantifying participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. One contact hour is defined as one hour of time spent in an educational experience. CNEs can only be achieved through completion of all related course evaluations provided to the attendee.


2016 Virtual Learning Labs

  • Healthcare Information TechnologyMarch 14 - April 25, 2016
    One of the core duties of all infection preventionists (IP) is collection, analysis, and utilization of data. There are significant changes in how these data are/will be obtained, maintained, analyzed and utilized. Most IPs do not have a background in information technology, which leaves them unprepared to assure that IP needs will be addressed in the introduction of electronic health records. Further, the role of the IP will continue to change based on new definitions that support algorithmic detection of infections, and electronic file upload capabilities for infection reporting. Education is needed so that IPs can function in this changed role, including assessing data and surveillance systems, understanding IT terminology and validating and maintaining data systems for infection prevention.
  • Basic Statistics for Infection PreventionistsAugust 1-22, 2016
    Learn about the role of statistics in infection prevention, steps in statistical analysis, and how to directly apply your new skills with commonly used tools in this four-week online course. Get the foundation you need to better analyze and present data through an interactive course format and test yourself post-class with a knowledge and skills check. The course features live instructor presentations archived for later viewing, group discussions, individual take-home assignments, and assessments.
  • Effectively Using Data - September 12-October 24, 2016
    The use of data, especially in support of NHSN, is essential to the role of the infection preventionist (IP). The collection, analysis, reporting and application of data require specialized skills for which many IPs have received little or no training. In addition, many IPs struggle to convert data into meaningful information necessary to optimally support their facilities’ improvement efforts. Through the six weeks of the "Effectively Using Data" Virtual Learning Lab, attendees will learn how to make use of the data they gather, whether integrating NHSN into a comprehensive data management approach, using data to assess and monitor the implementation of evidence based practices , analyzing and evaluating outcomes of care or communicating information to various stakeholders throughout the facility.