Interested in serving as an APIC faculty member?

APIC offers a comprehensive collection of clinical education and professional development programs, both in face-to-face and online formats for all career levels and practice settings.

Along with existing programming, APIC will be developing new programming and identifying faculty to deliver content. As a faculty member, you not only present of assigned course or topic, but also are on the front lines mentoring and networking with APIC members, attendees, and IP professionals.

APIC programs include:

Please Note: Applicants will be notified only if an opening matching applicant’s knowledge and skills becomes available.

To be considered, please complete and return the application form below by August 8,2016.

Application requirement

In order to be considered for APIC faculty member positions, the following materials must be received by August 8, 2016:

  • Complete Application Form
  • Submit separate statements to the following questions below (please limit your responses to 150 words or less for each question below):
  1. Tell us why you believe you would be a great APIC faculty member.
  2. Explain your method and style for teaching the adult learner. For example, you may address the three learning styles of adults - Visual (slides, videos), Auditory (lecturing, group discussions), Kinesthetic (role playing, demonstrations) - and how you would integrate into a program.

 Download the APIC Faculty Selection Application here.

 For questions, please contact the Education team at faculty@apic.org.