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To receive the special offer, you must submit the PDF application. Click here to access the PDF.

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  1. Mail:
    APIC, PO Box 79502, Baltimore, MD 21279-0502
  2. Fax:
    (202) 454-2590

Questions about APIC? Call us at (800) 650-9883 or email at apicmembership@apic.org to speak with a representative.

Why join APIC?

APIC provides you with infection prevention and control resources you and your facility need to remain compliant and save lives.

The financial impact of each healthcare-associated infection (HAI) to your facility is approximately $18,000-$21,000.

$150 is a small investment for your APIC membership and access to a network of experts.

Become an APIC member by September 5, 2014 and only pay $150 for your 2014-2015 membership!

More than 15,000 infection preventionists trust APIC to deliver the knowledge and resources crucial to their success.

As a member, you get access to resources and information aimed at improving your infection prevention and control program.

Member Benefits/ResourcesAPIC Member CostNon-Member Cost
American Journal of Infection Control (monthly) – APIC’s official scientific journal provides the latest peer-reviewed research on infection prevention, epidemiology, infectious diseases, quality management, occupational health, and disease prevention. Free $217/year
Prevention Strategist (quarterly) – APIC’s signature magazine provides members with evidence-based strategies and practical guidance from leading experts to help prevent infection. Free Unavailable
APIC Public Policy program – Monitors, analyzes, and guides legislative and regulatory proposals at the federal and state levels to protect patients and promote evidence-based policies Free Limited access
Evidence-based implementation guides on Clostridium difficile, emergency medical services, MRSA, and many other subjects.
Take advantage of the complimentary download of the newly revised Guide to Preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections.
Free Up to $100 each
Monthly live webinars and access to more than 100 on-demand webinars on critical topics
Critical webinar: MERS - CoV - Implications for infection preventionists
Free $149 ea. or $1,788 for 12 webinars
Web-based resources including the online communities in MyAPIC, and other tools, templates, and practice guidance Free More than $100/year
APIC E-news (weekly) – Delivered to member’s inbox each Wednesday, this e-newsletter provides the latest need-to-know infection prevention information. Free Unavailable
Discounts on the crucial educational products and services. Member price Additional $50 or more per product
Access to the expertise of your network of 15,000 IPs Immeasurable Unavailable
Total Cost $150 (Special APIC membership rate) Thousands of dollars per year