APIC Vendors List

The following vendors have expressed their willingness to provide services and software that will allow clients to link their current healthcare facility computer programs to provide NHSN reporting.

This information is provided as a service to APIC members. This does not constitute an endorsement of these services and APIC makes no guarantees or warranties express or implied. Each facility must determine whether a vendor can meet their needs and which vendor, if any, will provide the serves to best match their requirements. To assist in selecting a potential vendor, please see “Starter Questions” in this section.

APIC/CDC Technology
Vendor NameVendorContact Vendor Email
1. Alere Analytics Chinmay Nanavati Chinmay.Nanavati@alere.com
2. Atlas Development Corporation Nancy Heritage nheritage@atlasdev.com
3. CareFusion MedMined Bena Lee bena.lee@carefusion.com
4. Cerner Corporation Kelly Luden
Melany Blakemore



5. CKM Healthcare Incorporated Rob Moulson rob.m@ckmhealthcare.com
6. EpiQuest Bonnie Taggart bonniet@epiquest.com
7. ICNet International Limited Katie Houghton katie.houghton@icnetplc.com
8. Intersystems Mike Consoli Michael.Consoli@intersystems.com
9. Midas+ Solutions Market Engagement Midas.info@xerox.com
10. RL Solutions Adam Scott ascott@rlsolutions.com
11. SafetySurveillor® by Premier Steve Pennock steve_pennock@premierinc.com
12. Sentri7® by Wolters Kluwer Tom Jordan


13. System Services, Inc. - SSi Tom Cavanaugh tom.cavanaugh@ssinow.com
14. Theradoc Hospira, Inc Sabra Shay sabra.shay@hospira.com
15. Truven Health Analytics Jen Gallerani jen.gallerani@truvenhealth.com
16. Quality Compass by Vecna/The Advisory Board Carrie Smaga qualitycompass@advisory.com
17. VigiLanz Corporation Adam Klass aklass@vigilanzcorp.com