5 Second Rule Episode #12 -Tell Them What Matters: Advocacy in Infection Prevention

There really are no excuses not to engage in advocacy. Associations like APIC make it easy for members to write their state and federal lawmakers by creating all sorts of scripted letters, and other tools. Sarah Smathers of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia explains why telling your story to your elected officials helps them understand the problems you face and allows them to make a difference for you.
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APIC and Direct Education Worldwide Launch COVID SMART™ COVID-19 Workplace Education Program

To help businesses and communities adopt healthy practices to protect employees and the public from COVID-19, APIC and Direct Education Worldwide launched COVID SMART™, an interactive safety training program for workplaces.
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5 Second Rule #11 Honey, did you remember to wash the lettuce? Avoiding Foodborne Illness

You go out with friends or family, and you’re not feeling so great soon after. What’s your go-to culprit? Probably food poisoning. This episode sheds light on how an American dietary staple became a deadly nightmare.
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