2020 Chapter Awards Acceptance Videos

APIC congratulates all the 2020 Chapter Excellence and Chapter Leader Award recipients! We want to acknowledge and share your accomplishments with all chapters across the APIC chapter network.


2020 Chapter Award Recipients — we want to recognize you! The award recipients will be showcased through the virtual Chapter Leadership Series beginning with the kick-off on Thursday, August 6 at 1 pm.

Each chapter award recipient is being requested to record and submit a short acceptance video for display during the virtual chapter leadership series. The instructions to record and submit your videos and video content specifications for each award type are below.

Watch our short video to get hints on the best practices to use when making a video. Then go ahead and use the app below. This can be done on either your desktop, tablet, or phone.

To record a video, click on “Record a Video” below. Your device may ask to allow access to your camera and microphone. Make sure you allow.

You should then see the image from your camera. When you are ready to record, press the red record circle. When you are done, click the red stop button.

If you are on a phone, use the phone’s camera to record, rather than upload a video.

You can review the video before submitting. If you are not satisfied, simply press record and try again. Once you have a take with which you are satisfied you can press submit (be sure you have filled in your name and email address!).

All videos are due by Wednesday, July 15. If you have any questions or concerns, email chapters@apic.org


  • Please select “Chapter Excellence” or “Chapter Leader.”

Chapter Excellence Award

  • The Chapter Excellence Award (acceptance) video can be recorded by the chapter president or another leader of the chapter’s choosing
  • The video submission should be 1 – 1.5 minutes long
  • Video content should address the following:
    • How does the chapter feel about receiving this award?
    • What primary area(s)/activity(s) of focus contributed to the chapter receiving this award? What impact did those activities have on the chapter?
    • Does the chapter have any ‘thank-yous’ or specific chapter members and/or leaders to recognize for their part in these activities?

Chapter Leader Award

  • The Chapter Leader Award video should be recorded by the recipient
  • The video submission should be 1 minute long
  • Video content should address the following:
    • How does the recipient feel about receiving this award?
    • What does chapter leadership mean to you?
    • How has/does/will this recognition affect your current and future leaders