5 Second Rule #11 Honey, did you remember to wash the lettuce? Avoiding Foodborne Illness

You go out with friends or family, and you’re not feeling so great soon after. What’s your go-to culprit? Probably food poisoning. This episode sheds light on how an American dietary staple became a deadly nightmare. Listen here.

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Silvia Quevedo

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Kären Bally, RN, BSN, CIC, Director of Infection Prevention, Ascension Via Christi

Kären Bally, RN, BSN, CIC has been with Ascension Via Christi for more than 20 years, serving as the Director of Infection Prevention for the past five years, including various interim roles as needed. Kären is active in both local and national APIC and is currently the president of the Wichita APIC Chapter. Kären has been recognized within the medical committee with several awards, for example Health Care Hero Award and CBIC Champion Award. Kären is married to Craig and has 2 children, Grace and Grant, whom she enjoys hanging out with at Grand Lake in Oklahoma each summer.