5 Second Rule Show: Episode 8 “Creating a Healthier World: It’s In Your Clean Hands”

We hear so much about how hand washing is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick, but is that all hype? Listen to “5 Second Rule” to get all your questions answered about the one healthy habit everyone can and should do. Listen to the podcast here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

About the Episode:

Dr. Elaine Larson, Episode 8’s host, is an international expert in infection prevention, antimicrobial resistance, and hand hygiene, and is the only infection preventionist to receive the designation Living Legend from the American Academy of Nursing. Her contributions have changed the way healthcare is delivered by emphasizing the importance of infection prevention and hand hygiene for all health professionals. The interdisciplinary nature of her work is evident in the breadth and wide dissemination of her 500 scholarly publications. She has served on prestigious national advisory groups and grant review panels, and generously mentored countless clinical research nurses. Currently Professor Emerita Epidemiology and Anna C. Maxwell Professor Emerita of Nursing Research at Columbia University, Dr. Larson was also the editor of the American Journal of Infection Control from 1995 – 2019.

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