IP Guide to the Lab (digital)

IP Guide to the Lab (digital)

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This digital resource is a quick reference for the many diagnostic tests most frequently used by infection preventionsists (IPs). Information is presented in a wide variety of easy-to-use descriptions, summaries, and tables. This book is useful to IPs at any career stage (novice, proficient, advanced).

Features include: 

  • Review of specific lab tests such as cultures, Gram stains, serologic tests, urinalysis, fluid analysis, and more
  • Overview of microbiology disciplines including mycobacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and virology 
  • Overview of clinical microbiology lab services
  • Identified by CBIC as one of the primary resources for the CIC® exam
The production of the downloadable PDF version of The Infection Preventionist's Guide to the Lab is made possible by an educational grant from Roche, a long-time APIC Strategic Partner.
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Author: Patricia A. Kulich, RN, CIC and David L. Taylor, PhD, D(ABMM), eds.
Date of Publication: 2012
ISBN: 1-933013-66-4
Format: Digital