Carole DeMille Award recipients

Carole DeMille served as APIC president from 1975-76. One of APIC’s visionary founders, she later became an internationally recognized authority in the developing field of hospital infection control. She passed away in 1979, but her vision lives on in the work of infection preventionists and front-line care teams throughout the world. In 1980, APIC established an award in her honor. Learn more about the award, past recipients and obtain nomination information. Below, past presidents reflect on Carole DeMille and her contribution to the infection prevention field. 

APIC congratulates all Carole DeMille Award recipients:

Georgia Dash 2016
Cathryn Murphy 2015
Judith English 2014
Candace Friedman 2013
Ruth Carrico  2012
Kathleen Arias 2011
Denise Murphy 2010
Russell Olmsted 2009
Rachel Stricof 2008
Loretta Fauerbach 2007
Capt. Teresa Horan 2006
Judene Bartley 2005
Patricia Lynch 2004
Carla Alvarado 2003
Barbara Russell 2002
Gina Pugliese 2001
Audrey B. Adams 2000
William A. Rutala 1999
Rita McCormick 1998
Grace Emori 1997
Elaine Larson 1996
Sonya Burns 1995
Angella Goetz 1994
Julie Garner 1993
Nancy Haberstich 1992
Marjorie Underwood 1991
Maureen Spencer 1990
Barbara Soule 1989
Rosemary Berg 1988
Sally Krause 1987
Jane DeGroot-Kosolcharoen 1986
Elizabeth Pantelick 1985
Marguerite Jackson 1984
Kenneth Buchan 1983
Sandra Pfaff 1982
Karen Axnick 1981
Thomas Merigan 1980