Meet the Heroes - Sarah Frost & Pam Schwindt


Sarah Frost & Pam Schwindt Patient safety: Everybody’s business

Sarah Frost, BS & Pam Schwindt, BSN
Clarian Health Partners
Indianapolis, IN

Sarah Frost and Pam Schwindt of Clarian Health Partners—Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, IN developed a campaign called Healthy Hands-Healthy Kids to promote hand hygiene by staff and family members. The program encouraged families to remind staff to wash their hands. Staff members wore buttons that simply said "Thanks for asking." The program Sarah and Pam developed brought the simple task of proper hand washing to the forefront of infection prevention. The campaign kicked off August 11, 2005 with a proclamation from the mayor’s office. The program was so well received that the campaign spread throughout the community, at health fairs and schools, and at other Clarian institutions.