Meet the Heroes - Craig H. Gilliam


Craig H. Gilliam What Change Agents Are Made Of

Craig H. Gilliam, BS, MT, CIC
Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Little Rock, AR

Throughout his career, Craig Gilliam has been a patient safety advocate for the smallest member of our society-children. Gilliam believes that quality, value, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare can be improved by supporting research aimed at preventing healthcare-associated infections in children. Gilliam was instrumental in developing the “RACE for Results: Reducing Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections through Rapid Cycle Improvements” program at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, AR. The program received national recognition from the Child Healthcare Corporation of America. Gilliam’s experience has also allowed him to be appointed to the National Quality Forum’s Technical Advisory Panel for Pediatric Infections, whose task is to create consensus standards for reporting healthcare-associated infection data. Gilliam’s dedication to pediatric patient safety earned him the Show Leather Award from the APIC-Arkansas chapter for excellence in continual improvement of the practice of infection prevention and control. He was also appointed as 2013 CBIC president.