Meet the Heroes - Marcia Shumate


Marcia Shumate Recognize Where Initiative Is Required

Marcia Shumate, RN
Harris Methodist Northwest Hospital
Azle, TX

When Marcia Shumate took a look at the number of case of community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) presenting at Harris Methodist Northwest Hospital (HMNW) in Azle, TX, what she found was alarming – the number of cases in 8- to 18-year-olds jumped by 36 percent. Determined to effect a positive change in her community and reduce the incidence of CA-MRSA, Shumate and Community Education Coordinator Marsha Ingle, BS, developed a hands-on hygiene education program for all grade levels in the Azle School District. The schools also took a hard look at their facilities and implemented their own positive change – soap in the bathrooms, increased attention to cleanliness of athletic equipment and required hand-washing before lunch, among others. As a result of Shumate’s initiative, the number of CA-MRSA cases decreased 57 percent in 2005.