Meet the Heroes - Virginia “Ginny” Lipske


Virginia “Ginny” Lipske Collaborative Initiative - a growing and standard practice

Virginia “Ginny” Lipske, RN, BS, ACRN, CIC
Global AIDS Program/CDC
Atlanta, GA

Virginia “Ginny” Lipke’s successes in the infection prevention department of St. Luke’s Hospitals in Kentucky were manifold. Lipke evaluated the use of influenza and pneumococcal vaccines, which led to the creation of a standing orders policy for the screening and administration of both vaccines. As a result, vaccination rates for both illnesses climbed from 10 percent to more than 90 percent in less than three years. Lipke also authored the oral care component of St. Luke’s ventilator-associates pneumonia (VAP) bundle. The program resulted in no new cases of VAP reported during a 19 month period – a hospital record. She also created a policy for rapid HIV testing for mothers presenting with no prenatal care, making St. Luke’s the first in the region to offer such testing. Lipke also started an early STD treatment program within the emergency departments with free medication from the state and CDC, in response to increases in area cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea.