Meet the Heroes - Nancy Haberstich


Nancy Haberstich Doing Big Things Across Borders

Nancy Haberstich, MS,RN,CIC
Consultant for Better Outcomes/ Nanobugs, Inc.
Lincoln, NE

Nancy Haberstich has been an Infection Preventionist for over 25 years. Nancy received the Carole DeMille award in 1992 for achievements in her profession, and continues to look for new opportunities to promote infection prevention. Her desire to make a difference in her field beyond her community led Nancy to volunteer for one year in Liberia, West Africa, to reopen a school of nursing and paramedical training programs that had been destroyed by civil war. She developed the curriculum for the school and taught an infection control course once the school reopened. She also taught hand washing and environmental sanitation to hospital employees and local school children. Nancy served as a consultant to hospitals in Japan for 12 years and developed a course to train Japanese infection control nurses. Nancy has combined science and imagination to create cartoon microbes that entertain and educate people of all ages about practical microbiology for the purpose of infection prevention. In addition to her consulting business, she continues to promote and teach infection prevention strategies to children, parents, and healthcare professionals.