Meet the Heroes - Bernadette Brennan


Bernadette Brennan Education can change culture

Bernadette Brennan, RN, CIC
Voorhees Pediatrics Facility
Haddonfield, NJ

Since joining the staff of Voorhees Pediatric Facility in Voorhees, New Jersey, as an infection preventionists in 2000, Bernadette Brennan has worked tirelessly to implement infection prevention programs to protect her young patients. One of her major achievements was the establishment of a Skin Integrity program to address cases of skin breakdown needing surgical intervention. The program incorporates weekly skin integrity rounds, input from a skin care consultant, protocols for treatment and staff education. In addition, Bernadette created a Skin Integrity and Wound Management manual to reinforce the program protocols and provide complete instructions and support for staff. The program has been in place since 2008, and since its inception, skin-related infection rates have dropped significantly.