Meet the Heroes - David Taylor


David Taylor Hand Hygiene Compliance

David Taylor, PhD
Retired From Ohio State University Medical Center
Enon, OH

Throughout his career, David Taylor has pursued opportunities to educate and engage others in finding solutions to preventing the spread of infection. Whether it has been in an APIC training course, a university classroom, or in his position at the Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC) in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Taylor uses his knowledge and humor to encourage others to join him in the pursuit of excellence in infection prevention. One way in which he accomplished this was by implementing a hand hygiene campaign to improve compliance rates. As campaign chair, he introduced the “Partners in Your Care” program at OSUMC. The program engages patients as well as healthcare providers in the process of improving hand hygiene compliance. Because of his efforts, hand hygiene compliance rates have increased by 20 percent.