Meet the Heroes - Janet Frey


Janet Frey Leadership is influence

Janet Frey, ARNP, MSN, CIC
Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital
El Dorado, KS

During her years of responsibility for infection control and prevention at Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital (SBAMH) in El Dorado, Kansas, Janet Frey has been an advocate for infection prevention, both on the job and in the community. Working with a team of co-workers, Janet plans and implements a one-day, two-community influenza vaccination clinic every year. In 2006, when the program started, 800 local citizens received the flu shot, but in 2007 the number grew to 1,400. Additionally, Janet and her team visited schools throughout the county to vaccinate teachers and administrative staff. Through her persistence, employee participation in the flu vaccine program at SBAMH has consistently increased to more than 78 percent over since inception.