Meet the Heroes - Jill Cieslak


Jill Cieslak Hand Hygiene Compliance

Jill Cieslak, RN, BS, CIC
Battle Creek VA Medical Center
Battle Creek, MI

Hand hygiene is the cornerstone of much of infection prevention, which Jill Cieslak took to heart when she developed a house-wide hand hygiene improvement project in the Battle Creek Health System (BCHS) in Battle Creek, Michigan. Jill assembled a team of associates and executive leaders to focus on hand hygiene in their system. After a survey of staff perceptions and beliefs, the team identified misconceptions about hand hygiene that needed addressing. To ensure compliance, Jill trained all health caregivers and infection prevention coordinators during a Skills Fair and at departmental meetings in proper hand hygiene. She also trained staff observers who monitored compliance. Another internal study to assess sink and alcohol gel placement as well as satisfaction with the hand hygiene products being used led to using a new antibacterial soap and hand lotion as well as more alcohol gel dispensers throughout the facility. As a result of Jill’s efforts, BCHS has seen hand hygiene compliance improve from about 51 percent to about 90 percent.