Meet the Heroes - Pamela Charron


Pamela Charron Education can change culture

Pamela Charron, RN
Navy Health Clinic New England
Newport, RI

At the Naval Health Clinic New England, Pamela Charron works on multiple fronts to raise awareness about infection prevention among staff, patients and patients’ families. Pamela manages infection prevention and control programs at five branch clinics in five states throughout the Northeastern United States. Among her many initiatives, Pamela has developed a database to track MRSA rates and authored brochures to educate staff and patients on how to prevent MRSA. She organized the first Infection Control Conference to educate local infection control officers on strategies to prevent infection. Her efforts to raise awareness about sharps safety has led to a 27 percent decrease in staff needlestick injuries. She worked with occupational and preventative medicine to improve immunization surveillance and compliance. Her efforts directly contributed to an increase in Tuberculin Skin Test read rates from 70 to 83 percent within an 8-month period.