Chapter Excellence Awards

2019 program has closed.  

Stay tuned for the 2020 Awards! 


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Chapters are the lifeblood of the Association. Local leaders are bringing forward new and innovative programs, resources and networking groups to help their members achieve higher levels of competence and relevance. 

The Chapter Excellence Award recognizes and rewards chapters that have aligned their members and resources to support APIC's mission and strategic plan. Past recipients have conducted innovative programs, services, or campaigns to engage their chapter members and provide best practices to other chapters.



Each award recipient receives:

  • A commemorative plaque;
  • $500 in APIC products and services; and
  • The opportunity to share their submission with other chapter leaders.

The 2019 Chapter Excellence Awards will be presented during the Annual Chapter Leader Meeting at the APIC Annual Conference in Philadelphia. 


The Chapter must be in good standing with APIC HQ, including up-to-date Chapter Treasurer's reports, current bylaws, and maintaining the minimum number of Chapter members.


An award will be given in four categories. Additionally, each category is divided into two groups based on size of chapter (large=71 or more members, small=up to 70 members). Nominees must meet all criteria per award category:

  • Member Support: Chapter that best demonstrates excellence in providing support, recognition, and opportunities for professional growth and development of members.
    • Criterion 1. Provides innovative and engaging services that recruit new members and leaders; help retain members; and provide better opportunities to serve their members.
    • Criterion 2. Provides timely mechanisms for communication among members.
    • Criterion 3. Provides mechanisms for assessing Chapter needs and effectiveness of programs.
    • Criterion 4. Supporting members in achieving certification (e.g., CIC study groups, scholarships, etc.).
  • Clinical and Professional Practice: Chapter that best demonstrates excellence in defining, evaluating, and continually improving the practice of IPC and healthcare epidemiology.
    • Criterion 1. Promotes high-quality IPC programs for surveillance, prevention and control of infections, and the application of healthcare epidemiology.
    • Criterion 2. Supports the integration and use of the APIC Professional and Practice Standards by members.
    • Criterion 3. Participates in infection prevention, control, and epidemiology activities that support the profession.
  • Education, Communication, and Information Resources: Chapter that best demonstrates excellence in developing, promoting, and providing meaningful, accessible, and affordable educational products and services, and other resources for IPC professionals, healthcare workers, and the general public.
    • Criterion 1. Creates local publications to promote and reflect the mission, vision, and goals of APIC.
    • Criterion 2. Serves as a resource center and information exchange network for infection prevention and wellness for members, healthcare workers, and the general public (e.g., websites, newsletter, welcome/orientation materials, etc.).
    • Criterion 3. Develops and promotes educational programs, products, and other information resources for healthcare professionals and the general public.
  • Synergistic Alliances: Chapter that best demonstrates excellence in identifying, evaluating, and pursuing opportunities for synergistic alliances.
    • Criterion 1. Establishes alliances with other organizations (domestic or international) with complementary missions and goals.
    • Criterion 2. Develops and influences public policy independently or in conjunction with allied organizations as appropriate.


The 2019 application for APIC Chapter Excellence Award must include:

  • Online application;
  • Written summary of activities and supporting documents to satisfy criterion for each award category. Supporting documents should cover no more than a three-year period (2016-2018 for 2019 award); 
    • The written summary should not exceed two typed pages. 
    • The entire submission, including supporting documentation, should not exceed 10 pages. The supporting documentation must reflect the criterion described in the written summary. (Applications longer than 10 pages will only have the first 10 pages counted toward the scoring.) 
  • 5-10-minute PowerPoint presentation describing/showcasing the submission (PowerPoint presentation should have no more than 20 slides.) 

Note: Chapters can submit for up to two categories per year. Separate application and supporting materials are required for each submission.



APIC is proud to highlight the achievements of the Chapter Excellence Award recipients:

Member Support

YearChapter Name

Greater New York Chapter
Intermountain Chapter


Greater Atlanta Chapter
Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter

2016 Hawaii Chapter
2015 West Virginia Chapter
Badger Chapter
2014 Minnesota Chapter
Sierra Chapter
San Antonio Chapter
2013 Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter
2012 Greater Buffalo Chapter
Minnesota Chapter

Clinical and Professional Practice

YearChapter Name

Eastern Iowa Chapter


Norther New Jersey Chapter
Western Iowa Chapter

2016 Minnesota Chapter
2015 N/A
2014 Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter
2013 Minnesota Chapter
2012 Northeast Ohio Chapter

Education, Communication, and Information Resources

YearChapter Name

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter
Heart of New York Chapter


Minnesota Chapter
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

2016 Northeastern New York Chapter
Puget Sound Chapter
West Virginia Chapter
2015 N/A
2014 Palmetto Chapter
Greater Jackson Chapter
2013 Southern Nevada Chapter
2012 Delaware Valley and Philadelphia Chapter

Synergistic Alliances

YearChapter Name

Virginia Chapter


Indiana Chapter
West Virginia

2016 Greater Kansas City Chapter
2015 Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter
Minnesota Chapter
2014 Indiana Chapter
2013 Southern New Jersey Chapter
Wichita Area Chapter
2012 Palmetto Chapter
West Virginia Chapter