Meet the 2018 candidates for office

The APIC Board of Directors has approved the 2018 candidates for office to appear on the election ballot for terms beginning January 2018:

Positions to be elected

  • President-elect (1 elected)
  • Secretary (1 elected)
  • Directors (3 elected)
  • External Director (1 elected)
  • Nominating and Awards Committee (2 elected)

Candidates for office (APIC Board or nominating and awards committee) must be in the active or lifetime membership categories of APIC for the two years prior to running for office. For most positions, it is preferred, though not required, that candidates be certified in infection control by the Certification Board in Infection Control (CBIC) or a similar entity.

External directors to the APIC Board ideally are drawn from the broader healthcare community and will be able to bring complementary knowledge and skill as well as new relationships to APIC that could positively contribute to the association's development. External directors are envisioned as individuals who are in a position to influence the course of infection prevention and control; create new stakeholder relationships; and/or bring a more diverse set of skills in business, finance, leadership, and strategy. While they need not have substantive expertise in infection prevention and control, they must demonstrate a strong interest in advancing the practice and profession.

Other opportunities to serve 


Requirements for the CBIC Board of Directors

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology (CBIC) develops and administers the examination for certifying infection prevention and control professionals. CBIC is independent and separate from any other infection control-related organization or association.

Successful candidates for the CBIC Board must be certified in infection control (CIC).  Candidates for the CBIC Board are approved by the sole member of CBIC, the APIC Board of Directors, and do not appear on an election ballot.

The following positions are open on the 2018 CBIC Board of Directors:

 Directors (4 seats)

  • Registered Nurse (1 seat)
  • Any discipline/setting (2 seats)
  • Long-term care discipline/setting (1 seat)

How to apply:  View the APIC candidate application, APIC Board of Directors Candidate Handbook, APIC External Director Candidate Handbook, CBIC candidate applicationCBIC Board of Directors Candidate Handbook.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Barbara Long, senior director, Governance and Executive Affairs, at blong@apic.org.