Volunteering with APIC

Volunteers play an important role in the mission and vision of APIC. We have many opportunities to volunteer whether you are looking for a long-term opportunity or a short-term project.

APIC welcomes you to become involved. If you are interested in participating in APIC volunteer activities, please download and submit the volunteer application. If you have questions about these opportunities, contact the membership department at membership@apic.org.

Protocol for APIC members serving on outside organizations in the IP role


Board of Directors
The board is responsible for positioning the association to best serve APIC members as well as maintaining the focus and vision to improve the practice and management of infection prevention.

Join other professionals in your area to be part of an active infection prevention community

Committees are charged with collectively executing the work required to drive the mission and vision of the organization.

Practice Resources Panel
Practice Resources oversees the development of practice resources (e.g., books, manuals, pocket guides, etc.). Many of these resources are sold in the APIC Store.

APIC Text Online Editorial Panel: The ATO Editorial Panel advises APIC’s Practice Resources department staff on those chapters or topics of the APIC Text Online (ATO) that need to be updated or newly drafted due to changes in regulations, guidelines, policies, definitions, and/or new research findings. 

Prevention Strategist Editorial Panel
Prevention Strategist editorial panel members help plan content for future editions, identify the best authors for various topics, write articles (as needed), ensure content is in line with APIC’s strategic goals, and review content for clinical accuracy.

Task Forces (No positions available at this time)
Special assignments as designated by the APIC Board or APIC Program Teams. Term of service will be for the duration of a project.