Now available in both in-person and online formats, APIC's Education for the Prevention of Infection (EPI) Series provides outstanding foundational training for novice practitioners, as well as a refresher on the basics of infection prevention for those that need it.

The EPI series introduces the various roles and responsibilities of the infection preventionist (IP). You will also gain essential knowledge about program management and clinical, evidence-based interventions to prevent or reduce risk.

Not sure which offering is best for you? Learn more about each one:

EPI Intensive

In-person training offered in various locations throughout the US

  • 4-day intensive training course
  • Class sizes are limited to enhance learning and networking
  • Taught by highly experience IPs



EPI Education Series Online

Online, on-demand courses; access is available on laptops, tablet and mobile devices and provided for 12 months after registration

  • EPI 101 and EPI 102 online, available as separate courses, a discounted bundle, or (selected offerings) standalone modules
  • Interactive format
  • No travel required
  • Work at your own pace
  • Developed by highly experienced IPs, some of which have or currently teach EPI Intensive and/or EPI 101/102



EPI 101 and 102

In-person training offered at APIC's Infection Prevention Academy

  • EPI 101 (3 days) and EPI 102 (3 days) intensive training courses
  • Can be taken individually, but discounts are available when enrolled in both
  • Taught by highly experience IPs


Have additional questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at education@apic.org