Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for taking a course through APIC Education Online!

Below you will find instructions on how to navigate our online learning platform, either through text instructions or video demonstrations.

If you are experiencing issues that are not included on this page, please contact us at education@apic.org

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General Course Access

How do I launch an online course?
View the video demonstration
There are several ways to access the course materials:

  • Under My Courses on the homepage, select Launch next to the course of your choosing
  • Under My Transcripts at the top of the page, select the "Launch" link under the course of your choosing

We do also offer the option to launch each module separately, similar to the set up in our previous system. If you follow the My Transcript instructions mentioned above, select "View Details" instead of "Launch". This will provide you the complete breakdown of each component for you to launch separately. You can then launch each component by then selecting "Launch" under the module.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some courses are set up to be completed in sequence, so not all modules will be immediately available. You would first need to complete the module or activity preceding it.

I don't see a course I enrolled in under My Courses.
Sometimes it can take an hour or so after the course purchase for it to appear. If you have received a confirmation email, but the course does not appear within 24 hours, please contact us at education@apic.org.

Why do my modules have a yellow circle with an exclamation point? What are the symbols next to each module?
The system is set to provide you status updates for each individual module activity based on your progress:

  • Empty circle: the module has not yet been launched/started
  • Yellow circle with exclamation: the module has been started, but is not yet complete
  • Green circle: the module is complete
  • Grayed out: module/item is not yet available because the previous item has not yet been completed.

My course is appearing as incomplete even though I've finished everything. How can this be fixed?
Our system is designed to provide completion once all modules and related required activities have been completed. In addition to narration, many of course modules include intercative components like dropdown menus, clickable images or buttons, or quizzes that are a mandatory part of the course.

If you elect to advance to the next slide prior to the end of the narration, or not utilize the interactive components available, the module will appear as "incomplete". Because completion will require another viewing, we encourage all of our learners to watch all presentations in their entirety and not to advance the presentation until prompted by the narrator.

If you completed all aspects of the course and it shows as incomplete, our staff at education@apic.org would be happy to fix this error to ensure you can receive your certificate.

I just finished a course, but now I can't find it. Do I no longer have access to it when it's completed?
Once you've completed all aspects of a course, your course enrollment will be moved to Recently Completed on the homepage, as well as the Grades tab under My Transcripts. If you are still within your 12-month enrollment period, you can still access all of the course materials:

  • Click on My Trancripts, followed by Enrolled
  • Under the Enrolled tab, find the course you would like to re-visit and select launch.

When does my course expire?
APIC provides course access for 12 months. There are several ways to determine when your course enrollment expires.

  • On the homepage under My Courses, the expiration date will appear directly under the course name, as well as the CNEs available (located in the blue square)
  • Under My Transcripts, followed by Enrolled, you will see the following information regarding your enrollment:
    • Course name
    • Time spent in the course
    • Completion status
    • Start date
    • Expiration/End date

Course Certificates and Transcript

How do I obtain my certificate of completion?
View the video demonstration

Congratulations on completing a course! Once you've completed all aspects of the course, your course enrollment will be moved to Recently Completed on the homepage, as well as the Grades tab under My Transcripts. To download your certificate:

  • Click on My Trancripts, followed by Grades
  • Under the completed course for which you are looking for your certificate, there will be a link called "Certificate". This will provide a PDF copy of the certificate and will include your completion date and CNEs earned (if applicable). Then download a copy of your PDF. Your transcript will also be updated with this information. Please be sure to first download your certificate before printing as printing directly from your internet browser may cause the certificate to appear blank. When printing from Adobe Acrobat, make sure under Comments and Forms in the Print window, the dropdown menu option selected is "Document and Markups".

How do I download my full transcript?
View the video demonstration

All completed courses or assessments will be noted under the My Transcripts section of the website. To download your transcript:

  • Click on My Trancripts, followed by Grades
  • Under the Grades tab, you will see an orange button, "Download Transcript" in the top right corner. This will provide a PDF that lists your completed courses, grades/CNEs earned, and completion date.

Why doesn't this transcript include my Annual Conference registrations, webinars, or other APIC events?
APIC’s Online Education Center is currently exclusively for our online courses and future virtual learning labs. We are exploring universal transcripts now, but in the interim, if you need proof of your attendance and completion of other programs, please contact education@apic.org.

Technical Issues

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no required downloads to utilize and access APIC's learning platorm. However, course content and learning materials requirements vary and will depend on the content itself. It is our experience that most videos or files with animation typically require specific plug-ins such as Adobe Flash to view multimedia.

My course does not load or I receive an error message.
We do our best to provide courses that have standard technical requirements, however they can only be as good as the internet connection and browser they are played on. We recommend looking into the following:

  • Have you reviewed the Technical Requirements needed for this system (see tab below)?
    • Run a system test on all of your available browsers.
  • Does your internet browser currently have an active pop-up blocker?
    • Many facilities have pop-up blockers turned on and have firewalls in place that can prevent content from loading. These can usually be remedied by your IT department (see question below for further instructions)
  • Does your computer have Adobe Flash Player installed?
    • Many online courses are built specifically to be played using Adobe Flash, which can be downloaded here.
For any technical issues, please be sure to include a screenshot or the exact wording of the error message you receive when you contact APIC for assistance. This will help us determine the source of the issue.
To take a screenshot, press the Fn key and Print Screen key at the same time, then either paste it in a Word document or Paint file and include as an attachment in your email to APIC, or paste it within the email body.

The course and assessments do not advance when I select the "Next" button.
This is most likely due to pop-up blocker settings in your browser. This setting is your browser's way of serving as a security guard. If you experience this issue, first go to your IT department to discuss your options. If you are accessing the courses on a personal device, please use the instructions below to turn off your pop-up blocker:

  • Internet Explorer:
    • Go to Settings
    • Select Internet Options
    • On the Privacy tab, uncheck "Turn on Pop-Up Blocker"
  • Google Chrome
    • Go To Settings
    • Under Privacy and Security, select Content Settings
    • Select Popups
    • Using the switch to the right, change Blocked to Allowed
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • In the browser menu, select Options
    • In the right menu, select Content
    • Under Pop-Ups, uncheck Pop-up blockers
      • You can also keep this checked and provide exceptions for certain sites. Just click the Exceptions button and add this link: apic.mycrowdwisdom.com/diweb/home

I am trying to view a course on my iPad/tablet, but it doesn't load.
APIC Education Online is a mobile-responsive website that will automatically change based on the device on which it's being viewed. However, online courses have typically been built using Adobe Flash, which is not compatible on mobile devices. APIC is making a conscious effort to ensure future courses are able to be played on multiple devices, not just desktop or laptop computers.

Technical/System Requirements

We recommend the below browsers and plug-ins for the best online learning experience

Minimum Internet Bandwidth
  • Standard Definition (SD) videos: 5 Mbps
  • High Definition (HD) videos: 8 Mbps
Computer Operating System
  • PC: Windows XP or newer
  • Mac: OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or newer
Web Browsers
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or above
  • Firefox support for most recent 2 public versions
  • Safari support for most recent 2 public versions
  • Google Chrome support for most recent 2 public versions
Browser Plug-ins
Flash Player version or higher. Go to Adobe Flash Player to install the latest version.