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Translate science into practice with Prevention Strategist, APIC’s signature magazine. This quarterly publication provides members with evidence-based strategies and practical guidance from leading experts to help prevent infection.

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Prevention Strategist—Spring 2019


The IP's Role in the Future


Prevention Strategist—Winter 2018


Quality Improvement and Infection Prevention


Prevention Strategist—Fall 2018


Implementation Science



Prevention Strategist—Summer 2018


Disaster and Emergency Management


Prevention Strategist—Spring 2018


New Insights                                                 


Prevention Strategist—Winter 2017


The Leadership Issue                                 


  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2015</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2015


    Cover story: Thinking outside the box: IPs in action


    • Sherlockian ability and teamwork uncover the Blue Bell listeria outbreak
    • An IP's guide to evaluating research 
    • IPs: Your message has been heard 
    • Preventing hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) outside of the ventilator-associated pneumonia bundle 
    • Infection prevention leadership: Leading with the heart 

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2015</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2015


    Cover story: Lessons learned: Questions and concerns regarding safety of endoscopes and validity of manufacturer guidance


    • Hand hygiene hurdles: How can we overcome them? 
    • Perspective from Australia—Routine culturing and surveillance of endoscopes
    • Infection prevention leadership: My personal journey 
    • Measles in the U.S.: Discussions with public health representatives 

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2015</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2015


    Cover story: The Roadmap for the Novice Infection Preventionist


    • The Roadmap for the Novice Infection Preventionist 
    • Trending bugs: Measles, enterovirus D68, and norovirus
    • Faculty Voices: Spotlight on education—APIC’s new Infection Prevention Academy 
    • Infection preventionists and the art of storytelling: APIC 2015 closing plenary sneak peek 

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2014</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2014


    Cover story: APIC’s ongoing Ebola response


    • Ebola prevention in Sierra Leone—an IP’s story
    • Stolen syringes: How does a patient go into a hospital and come out with hepatitis C? 
    • 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene in the behavioral health setting: Can it be accomplished? 
    • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Guidelines
    • Access the 2014 Winter supplement: AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: CAUTI supplement

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  • <i>AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: CAUTI supplement—Winter 2014</i>

    AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: CAUTI supplement—Winter 2014


    This special supplement features the AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: CAUTI, including long-term care CAUTI prevention success stories, antibiotic stewardship and CAUTI management, meet the AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: CAUTI national faculty, and much more. Entire issue is open access.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2014</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2014


    Cover story: The emerging threats issue


    • Ebola guidance from the CDC 
    • Antibiotic resistance: CRE
    • MERS-CoV: What you need to know
    • Cultivating relationships with microbiologists and executives

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2014</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2014


    Cover story--West Virginia water contamination crisis: Implications for infection prevention


    • The new CDC methodology and the pursuit of an updated guidance for SSI prevention
    • VAP
    • Antibiotic resistance policy initiatives

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2014</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2014


    Cover story: Top 10 operating room questions answered by experts


    • APIC 2014 opening plenary preview
    • Focus on LTC/behavioral health outbreaks
    • Environmental cleaning toolkit
    • Improving hand hygiene: State of play and challenges for U.S. hospitals

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  • <i>On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI supplement—Spring 2014</i>

    On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI supplement—Spring 2014


    This special supplement features success stories from facilities that have joined the On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI program, strategies for engaging others in CAUTI prevention, insight from experts on the program’s core national faculty, ways for your healthcare organization to be part of the program, frequently asked questions, and much more. Entire issue is open access.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2013 </i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2013


    Cover story: A closer look--Antibiotic resistance and the microbiome 


    • Infection prevention in outpatient oncology settings 
    • Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis
    • Today's infection prevention challenges in long-term care: Are we ready to manage them? 
    • Egypt's Professional Diploma in Infection Control (PDIC): A success story
    • Ready, set, implement! A nurse-driven Foley catheter protocol to prevent CAUTI 

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