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Translate science into practice with Prevention Strategist, APIC’s signature magazine. This quarterly publication provides members with evidence-based strategies and practical guidance from leading experts to help prevent infection.

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Prevention Strategist—Spring 2019


The IP's Role in the Future


Prevention Strategist—Winter 2018


Quality Improvement and Infection Prevention


Prevention Strategist—Fall 2018


Implementation Science



Prevention Strategist—Summer 2018


Disaster and Emergency Management


Prevention Strategist—Spring 2018


New Insights                                                 


Prevention Strategist—Winter 2017


The Leadership Issue                                 


  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2013</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2013


    Cover story: SARS, 10 years later. 


    • Patient isolation: Should the patient perspective be a consideration?
    • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
    • The Human Microbiome Project: What's in it for IPs?
    • The surprising culprit of C-Section surgical site infections

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2013</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2013


    Cover story: Self-assessment to advance IP competency 


    • Infection preventionists across the country identified the cause of the recent fungal meningitis outbreak and worked collaboratively to stop its spread.
    • By following a few key recommendations, infection preventionists can ensure that HAI data reporting is both simplified and reliable.
    • New York hospitals face infection prevention challenges in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.
    • A microbiological overview of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae.

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  • <em>A Special Long-Term Care Supplement to Prevention Strategist—Summer 2013</em>

    A Special Long-Term Care Supplement to Prevention Strategist—Summer 2013



    • Mold: A threat to long-term care residents
    • Occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens from needlesticks in long-term care
    • Preventing pneumonia and lower respiratory tract infections 
    • A microbiological overview of Clostridium difficile
    • The infection prevention program checklist for long-term care

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2013</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2013


    Cover story: Clostridium difficile—A multifaceted approach to prevention. 


    • Dr. Nathan Wolfe, world-renowned viral forecaster and epidemiologist, to headline APIC 2013 as keynote speaker.
    • A program designed to break through the boundaries of hospital administration allows the clinical lab and IP to leverage the strengths of each department.
    • A microbiological overview of specific natural properties of bacteria that proliferate and result in infection—under the right conditions.
    • Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa is improving patient outcomes via a new model of infection prevention education within its resource-limited country. 

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2012</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2012


     Cover story: APIC celebrates 40 years of growth and progress. 


    • Point/counterpoint: Two different perspectives are shared about contact precautions.
    • Fact or opinion: How to tell if a speaker’s presentation is based on solid clinical evidence. 
    • APIC chapters share photo highlights from the 2012 International Infection Prevention Week celebration.
    • Contaminated IV fluids are a major public health concern for hospitalized children in Mexico. 

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2012</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2012


    Cover stories:

    Preventing CAUTI: A patient-centered approach 

    The new VAE definition: A paradigm shift for infection preventionists 


    • An infection prevention and environmental services collaboration has dramatically reduced infections.  
    • An infection preventionist shares her family’s experience with healthcare-associated infections. 
    • The new NHSN Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination Measure: What you need to know 
    • Create an infection prevention movement through International Infection Prevention Week. 

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2012</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2012


    Cover story: APIC’s new IP Competency Model helps infection preventionists design a plan for professional development.


    • Infection preventionists have a role in accelerating progress toward preventing the emergence and cross-transmission of MDROs.
    • An Infection Prevention and Control department in Saudi Arabia serves as a global model for infection prevention excellence. 
    • A psychiatric hospital tackled the challenges of a norovirus outbreak through collaboration.
    • Leaders in infection prevention and environmental services work together to improve patient outcomes.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2012</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2012


    Cover story: Over the next eight years, APIC Strategic Plan 2020 will accelerate progress toward the elimination of healthcare-associated infections.


    • APIC joins with the World Health Organization to strengthen infection prevention preparedness for, and response to, epidemic infectious disease.
    • When the CEO of Novant Health set out to change the culture surrounding hand hygiene, he had one goal – saving lives.
    • APIC’s newest collaboration builds a bridge between infection preventionists and laboratory professionals. 
    • An infection preventionist leads a successful campaign to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia, central line-associated bloodstream infections, and other life-threatening infections.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2011</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2011


    Cover story: Success through implementation science: Reducing HAIs in the ICU – When combined with a strong performance improvement model, implementation science offers expanded methods to drive meaningful change.


    • Pennsylvania HAI Prevention collaboratives cultivate creative ways to pursue infection reductions and improve patient safety.
    • International infection prevention ambassadors face unique circumstances, but they have one common goal – to prevent infections in their regions.
    • The International Infection Prevention Week policy summit explores necessary infection prevention resources and the impact of healthcare reform efforts in boosting patient safety.
    • A nurse-driven protocol, steered by an infection preventionist, reduces UTI hazards in a Pennsylvania hospital system.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2011</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2011


    Cover story: An APIC member’s outbreak investigation prompted an international product recall of non-sterile alcohol prep pads.


    • The president and CEO of an Atlanta children’s hospital champions infection prevention initiatives – with impressive results.
    • Technology and remarkable patient outcomes, not infections, should remain the focus in interventional settings.
    • A Georgia army hospital makes gains in the battle against infection.
    • A Philippines doctor has created a safe haven for pediatric cancer patients and their families.
    • APIC chapter legislative representatives take their expertise to policymakers: Action in four states.

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