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Translate science into practice with Prevention Strategist, APIC’s signature magazine. This quarterly publication provides members with evidence-based strategies and practical guidance from leading experts to help prevent infection.

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Prevention Strategist—Spring 2019


The IP's Role in the Future


Prevention Strategist—Winter 2018


Quality Improvement and Infection Prevention


Prevention Strategist—Fall 2018


Implementation Science



Prevention Strategist—Summer 2018


Disaster and Emergency Management


Prevention Strategist—Spring 2018


New Insights                                                 


Prevention Strategist—Winter 2017


The Leadership Issue                                 


  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2011</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2011


    Cover story: While CLABSI rates have been declining in the U.S., new studies suggest that an expanded approach may be necessary to achieve even greater success.


    • The HAI consumer awareness movement is effecting change in the infection prevention profession, making transparency of quality healthcare a priority for all. 
    • Understand how to use national momentum to accelerate action and engage leadership.(Column from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
    • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital created an international training model that has inspired many to achieve what was once perceived as impossible: preventing infections in resource-limited countries.
    • New Orleans’ Northshore hospitals collaborate to prevent and treat surgical site infections.
    • The new consensus surrounding sterilization: Understanding the shift from “flash” sterilization to “immediate-use” sterilization.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2011</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2011


    Cover story: Understanding the hospital readmission problem can produce a successful transition from hospital to home.


    • As new and intensified demands are placed on IPs, there is a rapidly escalating need to apply research and influence evidence-based changes via implementation science.
    • Dr. Brahm Marjadi’s seven-month trek across rural Indonesia helped improve infection prevention standards in his region.
    • Connecticut Children’s Medical Central lowers infection rates by elevating infection prevention to an institution-wide initiative.
    • A Georgia hospital’s “amazing” NICU initiatives are keeping premature babies healthy and safe, while raising the bar in infection prevention.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2010</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2010


    Cover story: Infection Prevention and Quality Improvement—A Look Back, A Look Ahead

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2010</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2010


    Cover story: VALUABLE LESSONS—Flu Survey Finds Mixed Preparedness in Preventing and Addressing the Spread of Infection

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2010</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2010


    Cover story: HAI Lawsuits: Preventing a “Perfect Storm”

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2010</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2010


    Cover story: A Door to the Future—Can a fresh approach in the C-suite save lives and money?

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2009</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2009


    Cover story: ALERT! A hemorrhagic fever case puts IPs on the front lines at a U.S. Army hospital

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2009</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2009


    Cover story: When things go wrong—Just Culture promotes compassion and education to reduce medical errors

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2008</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2008


    Cover story: Desiging a cleaner future

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2008</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2008


    Inaugural issue


    • Staff-Driven Cultural Transformation Diminishes MRSA
    • When Animals Visit Patients: Reducing the Risk of Disease Transmission
    • Make Needlestick Safety Personal – and Protect Staff
    • Reaching Out to a New Generation of ICPs

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