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Translate science into practice with Prevention Strategist, APIC’s signature magazine. This quarterly publication provides members with evidence-based strategies and practical guidance from leading experts to help prevent infection.

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Prevention Strategist—Winter 2018


Quality Improvement and Infection Prevention


Prevention Strategist—Fall 2018


Implementation Science



Prevention Strategist—Summer 2018


Disaster and Emergency Management


Prevention Strategist—Spring 2018


New Insights                                                 


Prevention Strategist—Winter 2017


The Leadership Issue                                 


  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2017</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2017



    • CDC’s new SSI guideline: What the IP needs to know (Open access)
    • The APIC® Program of Distinction (Open access)
    • Educating student nurses on the importance of PPE
    • International Infection Prevention Week (Open access)
    • My Bugaboo: Neisseria gonorrhoeae
    • Infection control assessment and response

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2017</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2017


    Infection preventionists front and center


    • How clean is your scope? (Open access)
    • When duty calls – a partnership between fire and rescue and infection preventionists 
    • An infection preventionist’s role in sepsis care
    • Moving from wishing to success: Pointers for a successful abstract submission (Open access)
    • Identify the pathogen!
    • APIC 2017 award recipients (Open access)
    • A reflection on CIC certification (Open access)

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2017</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2017


    Cover story: Contaminated heater-cooler devices in open-heart surgery


    • Contaminated heater-cooler devices used during open heart surgery (Open access)
    • Changes in The Joint Commission survey process
    • Increasing the value of the IP (Open access)
    • From data to decisions: Creating and interpreting quantiles
    • Identify the pathogen: Norovirus (Open access)
    • APIC 2017 sneak peek: Interviews with Celeste Headlee and Sanjay Saint (Open access)

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2016</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2016


    Cover story: Engaging nurses in antibiotic stewardship


    • ANA/CDC working group for engaging nurses in antibiotic stewardship: Leadership interview
    • How to prepare—Learning to practice like we play Open access
    • Elevating our profession Open access  
    • A day in the life of an infection preventionist
    • From data to decisions: Making the use of frequency tables and distributions Open access
    • Budget advocacy: From A to Zika Open access

    Access the supplement: States Targeting Reduction in Infections via Engagement (STRIVE) program supplement and download the Glossary of Terms.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2016</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2016


    Cover story: Break the chain of infection


    • What IPs need to know about Candida auris, mcr-1, and Legionella
    • Sepsis and antimicrobial stewardship
    • A new definition of "contagious"
    • Engaging others in infection prevention

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  • The Roadmap for the Novice Infection Preventionist

    The Roadmap for the Novice Infection Preventionist


    The Roadmap for the Novice Infection Preventionist provides tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources to take an infection preventionist from day 1 on the job through passing the Certification in Infection Prevention and Control (CIC®) exam.

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Summer 2016</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Summer 2016


    Cover story: Constructing Collaboration


    • Design, planning, construction, and activation from an infection prevention perspective 
    • Gastroenterology and infection prevention colleagues partner for patient safety Open access
    • Building a new antimicrobial stewardship program Open access  
    • From data to decisions: Dipping a toe into the data ocean
    • What IPs should know about Zika virus Open access
    • Infection prevention: Spanning the generations Open access

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Spring 2016</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Spring 2016


    Cover story: Inspiration for your infection prevention program


    • Models of effective antimicrobial stewardship programs Open access
    • Collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution Open access
    • APIC 2016 sneak peek: Why IPs should think like “freaks” Open access 
    • The case for a horizontal approach: IPs share their success story for VRE and MRSA
    • Identifying the pathogen: Streptococcus pyogenes

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Winter 2015</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Winter 2015


    Cover story: Crosswalks to the literature: Endoscope reprocessing and CHG use


    • Endoscope crosswalk: Critical guideline review 
    • CHG crosswalk: Critical guideline review 
    • Infection prevention emergencies on Friday at 4:30 p.m.
    • Engaging staff in infection prevention education 
    • Meet a CIC: Ida Lyn E. Benemerito  
    • Improving processes using your animal nature

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  • <i>Prevention Strategist—Fall 2015</i>

    Prevention Strategist—Fall 2015


    Cover story: Thinking outside the box: IPs in action


    • Sherlockian ability and teamwork uncover the Blue Bell listeria outbreak
    • An IP's guide to evaluating research 
    • IPs: Your message has been heard 
    • Preventing hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) outside of the ventilator-associated pneumonia bundle 
    • Infection prevention leadership: Leading with the heart 

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