Margaret Martin

Educating to Improve Infection Prevention Practice

Margaret Martin

Margaret Martin, RN, MSN, BC, CIC
Baylor Medical Center at Southwest Fort Worth
Fort Worth, TX

While the CIC designation has been available to infection preventionists (IPs) for more than 20 years, it has never been more important than it is now. But for many professionals, the idea of taking this challenging exam can be intimidating.

Margaret Martin believes the CIC challenge is one every IP can meet. As the new chair of the APIC Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) chapter’s Professional Advancement Committee last year, Martin revamped her chapter’s CIC study program, creating an interactive, local certification study group.

Under Martin’s leadership, study group members met on a regular schedule, using the certification study guide to review specific material and share experiences. The group format helped formalize study, but also made it more interesting and relevant for participants.

Aside from re-energizing her chapter’s study group, Martin actively encouraged colleagues to take the CIC exam. “Many people who think they won’t be able to get through the material are able to do so by working in a group setting,” she said.

Ultimately, Martin coached six colleagues through first-time certification and helped five achieve re-certification. Attendance at monthly study group meetings increased each month and reached as many as 15 members some months.