Namita Jaggi

Simple steps lead to significant improvement

Namita Jaggi, MD
Artemis Hospital
Gurgaon, India

Dr. Jaggi manages the multiple challenges of infection control in India by modeling Western infection prevention practices – even with limited resources – and making infection prevention an integral part of the daily routine at the 300-bed Artemis Hospital.

Dr. Jaggi launched the Artemis Infection Control (IC) program when she joined the hospital five years ago. She applied a “start simple and build” philosophy, focusing initially on hand hygiene (HH) compliance. Starting from a baseline HH rate of 14 percent, she and her team leveraged the World Health Organization (WHO) Five Moments of Hand Hygiene program, creating competitions for slogans, songs, and even interpretive dances to communicate the “moments.”

In lieu of technology to track compliance, Jaggi “deputized” nurses and physicians into her infection prevention team to assist. The team made 100 observations daily, noting compliance rates, and observation soon became a habit. “They eventually did it without thinking,” she recalled. “Even when relaxing, they couldn’t stop counting HH moments.” The team’s perseverance paid off. Within three years, they achieved HH compliance rates above 75 percent, earning them the WHO Hand Hygiene Excellence Award for all of Asia Pacific in 2011.

Jaggi is now developing infection prevention guidelines for use within New Delhi and across India. She has presented data from her healthcare-associated infection reduction program at several international conferences, emphasizing the need for baseline improvement. 

As the India country secretary for the International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium, Jaggi looks forward to the APIC 2012 Annual Conference. She will no doubt be seeking out practical tips and tools to improve on an already impressive infection prevention track record.