APIC/AJIC Publication Excellence Award

To recognize an author(s) who has published an article in AJIC which was widely read and cited during the previous two years and has the potential to make an important impact on the practice of infection prevention and control.


The criteria used to select the award recipients are:

  • High volume of readership
  • Original research
  • Sound scientific reasoning
  • Practical—ease of implementation/generalizable
  • Impact on quality of patient care
  • Overall contribution to the profession

Application process

Annually, the Nominating and Awards Committee works with editorial board at AJIC to select the award recipient.


YearArticle NameAuthor
2018 “Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Devices and Hydrogen Peroxide Systems for Terminal Room Decontamination: Focus on Clinical Trials”
Lead Author: David Weber, MD, MPH
2017 “Persistent contamination on colonoscopes and gastroscopes detected by biologic cultures and rapid indicators despite reprocessing performed in accordance with guidelines 2015”
Lead Author: Cori L. Ofstead, MSPH

Harry P. Wetzler, MD, MSPH
Evan M. Doyle, BS
Catherine K. Rocco, RN, MSN, CNOR
Kavel H. Visrodia, MD
Todd H. Baron, MD
Pritish K. Tosh, MD
2016 “Does improving surface cleaning and disinfection reduce healthcare-associated infections?”
Lead Author: Curtis Donskey, MD
2015 “Nurse Staffing, Burnout, and Health Care-Associated Infection”
Lead Author: Jeannie Cimiotti, PhD, RN, FAAN

Linda Aiken, PhD
Douglas Sloane, PhD
2014 “Survival and transmission of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from fomites”
Lead Author: Rishi Desai, MD, MPH

Pia Pannaraj, MD, MPH
Jaclyn Agopian, BA
Catherine Sugar, PhD
George Y. Lui, MD, PhD
Loren Miller, MD, PhD
2013 “The harder you look, the more you find: catheter-associated bloodstream infection surveillance variability”
Lead Author: Matthew Niedner, MD
2012 “An integrative review of the current evidence on the relationship between hand hygiene interventions and the incidence of health care–associated infections”
Lead Author: David J. Weber, MD, MPH

William A. Rutala, PhD, MPH
Melissa B. Miller, PhD
Kirk Huslage, RN, BSN, MSPH
Emily Sickbert-Bennett, MS
2011 “Administrative coding data, compared with CDC/NHSN criteria, are poor indicators of health care–associated infections”
Lead Author: Kurt B. Stevenson, MD, MPH

Yosef Khan, MBBS, MPH
Jeanne Dickman, MT, CIC
Terri Gillenwater, RN, BSN
Pat Kulich, RN, CIC
Carol Myers, RN, BSN, CIC
David Taylor, PhD
Jennifer Santangelo, BA
Jennifer Lundy, BS, MHA
David Jarjoura, PhD
Xiaobai Li, PhD
Janice Shook, BS
Julie E. Mangino, MD