Mary Jane Freeburn RN, CIC

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Mary Jane Freeburn served as APIC president in 1981.

Mary Jane reflects on APIC’s milestones during her presidency in a 1981 AJIC article: 

Since my earliest association with APIC I have been impressed with the ability of our members to work together. (Of course. we do not always agree, but we do work together to achieve an end result.) Working together, planning together, and talking together can only benefit our organization. We must continue to work as a unified body toward accomplishing our mutual objectives. APIC has, in a very short time, come a long way toward reaching its goals by continuously reevaluating and reassessing them. I believe we can come closer to attaining our goals by working together to develop a practical and rational approach to infection control based on proved scientific data. As members of APIC, I would like us to work together to establish and adhere to the highest standards of practice rather than have standards dictated to us by regulatory agencies. 

As a professional specialty organization, we have established high standards of excellence and have made significant contributions toward improving patient care. To further our goals and build on past achievements we must continue to expand our educational programs. Equally important is the establishment of a certification/recertification program to upgrade our practice, ensure competence among our practitioners, allay concerns of the health care consumer, and satisfy federal health care financing programs. It is imperative that we, practitioners with different skills and divergent backgrounds, communicate with each other to develop cohesiveness within our membership. APIC success is dependent on the day-to-day actions of its members and their ability to communicate with the officers and the Board of Directors who they have elected. This is essential so that we may be ever sensitive to the needs of the practitioner and be quick to respond to the ever changing complexion of hospital epidemiology and infection control. Charles Dickens once said ‘together we are something,’ and I believe this to be true. Read more.