Terrie Lee RN, MS, MPH, CIC

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 Terrie Lee served as APIC president in 1995.

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In celebration of APIC’s 40th anniversary, Terrie shared memories of APIC:

The most significant event of my APIC Presidency was the introduction of the age of electronic communications and the internet to our profession. At the time of the annual conference that year (1995), only a handful of APIC members had email accounts, or any internet access. Most healthcare organizations, including APIC, had no presence on the web. We were totally dependent on overnight mail services and fax machines for communicating with the Board or committees, and still used regular mail to send even the simplest of messages to the APIC membership. That year, I introduced our membership to the internet, demonstrating in my presidential address how it could be used. I focused on strengthening our professional credibility with instantaneous access to resources. In the following months, ICPs everywhere obtained email accounts, often before their employer provided such access. The resulting activities truly transformed how APIC and its members function.

As an organization, APIC has been a prominent voice for infection preventionists, and an ongoing advocate for patient safety and evidence-based practice. As such, our achievements as a profession have been far greater than would ever have been realized if we had each worked as individuals in the struggle to eliminate HAIs and improve our patients’ outcomes. APIC has provided the resources I needed to assist me in my professional development, and has given me countless opportunities to serve or to lead others, always sharpening skills for my daily practice. In my work with APIC, I met many infection prevention icons, learned from mentors, served with colleagues, and made lifetime friends. My employer, my infection prevention program, and my personal professional practice have all directly benefited from my experiences with APIC. For all of these reasons, I will forever be grateful to the organization and individuals who are, APIC.

Deanie Lancaster, president-elect (left) and Terrie Lee, president (right) recognize Mary Castle White (center), who had served as the first editor of AJIC, from 1978-1995 at Annual Conference, June 5, 1995, Las Vegas, Nevada.