IP Informatics Section

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Informatics is one of six future-oriented competency domains with the APIC Competency Model for infection prevention. The IPC Informatics Section aims to:

  • Provide forum for members to exchange their views on IPC informatics that transcends healthcare settings, technology vendors, and technology configurations
  • Provide infection preventionists with a place to expand their understanding of surveillance technologies used within the infection prevention arena
  • Bring attention to common surveillance technology issues
  • Discuss data validation techniques
  • Define expanded accountability and validation standards for vendors
  • Track progress of agency proposals to use reporting data directly from electronic medical records
  • Discuss ways to mitigate potential impacts of changes in data reporting formats
  • Identify tools infection preventionists can use to strengthen their technology skills in alignment with the APIC Competency Model
  • Anticipate future technologies

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