Alphabetical Listing

Please dial 202-454 plus the four-digit extension below (for example, 202-454-XXXX) to reach a staff member’s direct line. You may also reach APIC via the main line at 202-789-1890.


Barrett, Katlin

Manager, Marketing

x 2619

Bohnhorst, Kristin

Coordinator, Membership

x 3111

Chester, Tashi

Coordinator, eLearning

x 2634

Capparell, Richard

Associate Director, Legislative Affairs

x 2612

Chester, Tashi

Coordinator, eLearning

x 2634

Crist, Katrina

Chief Executive Officer

x 2601

Deaton, Kayley

Coordinator, Communications & Practice Resources

x NA

Donaldson, John

Sr. Director, Education and Instructional Design

x 2622

Dunn, Elizabeth

Manager, Special Projects

x 2626

Dyson, Tyra

Manager, Conference Programming

x 2646

Edwards, Crystal

Associate Director, Membership and Customer Relations

x 2603

Garman, Elizabeth

VP Communications and Practice Resources

x 2604

Gulshan, Bobby

Web Specialist / IT

x 2615

Gumbar, Alexandr

Sr. Director, IT

x 2624

Hailpern, Nancy

Director, Regulator Affairs

x 2643

Hall, Bob

Sr. Director, Human Resources and Talent Development

x 2629

Hartke, Elizabeth

Director, Practice Resources

x 2637

Jones, LaKesha

Coordinator, Special Projects

x 2623

Kavi, Rupam

Coordinator, Marketing

x 2633

Kluttz, Letty

Sr. Director, Education and Conferences

x 2644

Lassinger, Allen

Sr. Director, Finance

x 2621

Long, Barbara

Sr. Director, Governance and Executive Affairs

x 2614

Mah, Caroline

Director, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Sponsorship

x 2642

Marshall, Debra

Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO

x 2628

Miller, Christine

Director, Marketing

x 5016

Miller, Sara

Senior Director, Membership

x 2552

Morris, Concepcion (Cepi)

Senior Manager, Membership and Customer Relations

x 2610

Parks, Lois

Sr. Coordinator, Membership

x 2636

Pinkerton, Adryan

Coordinator, Annual Conference and Education

x NA

Quevedo, Silvia

Director, Practice Guidance

x 2602

Randall, Alan

Human Resources Specialist

x 2627

Reaz, Zuhair

Database Manager, IT

x 2617

Ruiz, Chris

Coordinator, Research

x 2620

Simms, Damian

Coordinator, Operations and Human Resources

x 2640

Stevenson, Dimitri

Coordinator, Education

x 2625

Tomlinson, Lisa

VP, Government Affairs and Practice Guidance

x 2606

Trotter, Marquiana (Marky)

Coordinator, Special Projects and Strategic Partnerships

x 2638

Wojnar, Raquel

Content Manager, Practice Resources

x 2583

Woodard, Elreatha

Associate Director, Conference Programming

x 2583




Clayborne, Christopher

Director, Business Development, APIC Consulting


Detweiler, Kate

Director, Program of Distinction, APIC Consulting

x 5015

Kretzu, Leslie

Executive Director

x 2611

Nesbitt, Nicole

Manager, Business Development

x 2645

Shabazz, Salimah

Sr. Manager, Project Execution

x 2647