Important NHSN updates

Read about the release of updates to NHSN, including the releases of Version 9.2, 2019 Patient Safety Component protocols, and the new Outpatient Procedure Component.

NHSN Version 9.2, released on December 8, includes many additions and changes, including analysis updates within the Patient Safety, Healthcare Personnel Safety, Dialysis, Long Term Care, Biovigilance and Outpatient Procedure Components. Please review the release notes for important details about the changes found in NHSN Version 9.2.

oPlease note the following errors in the “BSI Event” section of the release notes:

Incorrectly identified new required data fields:

1. Required – “Any hemodialysis catheter present?” (Yes/No)

2. Required – “Ventricular access device (VAD) present?” (Yes/No).

Correct two newly required Yes/No data fields for 2019 are:

1. Extracorporeal life support present (ECLS or ECMO)

2. Ventricular assist device (VAD) present.

The 2019 Patient Safety Component (PSC) protocols have been posted to the NHSN website, including the protocol for the new PedVAE module and a PedVAE calculator. Please remember that these protocols are for use beginning January 1, 2019. Until that time, please continue to use 2018 PSC protocols. More information on the new PSC protocols and other NHSN news can be found in the fall issue of the NHSN E-Newsletter.

The new NHSN Outpatient Procedure Component (OPC) is now available for use by ambulatory surgery centers. Learn more about the OPC in the special edition NHSN E-Newsletter.