APIC election deadline October 22

APIC elections are now open for candidates running for office on the 2013 APIC Board of Directors and the Nominating and Awards Committee. Your participation in annual elections is critically important and essential. APIC leaders represent you and your colleagues at every board meeting, to external partners like the CDC and SHEA, and through the decisions they make that affect your organization and your profession. You will see from the 2013 slate of candidates that the Nominating and Awards Committee selected from a broad range of APIC member demographics – including professional experience, practice settings, new skills and expertise.

Also included on the ballot this year will be several proposed bylaws changes related to a changes in the terms for Board members, and the composition of the executive and audit and finance committees as presented during our Annual Business Meeting in San Antonio.  

APIC’s election coordinator, Survey & Ballot Systems will email APIC members no later than September 17. The email will come from the APIC Election Coordinator (noreply@directvote.net) and will contain your unique elections credentials, password and the link to the official online election website. If you do not have an active email address on file with APIC, your election materials will be mailed to you at the address on record. The elections will close on October 22, 2012.If you have not received your elections materials by October 1, please contact or email Barbara Long at blong@apic.org.