Barbara Russell RN, MPH, CIC, ACRN

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Barbara Russell served as APIC president in 1994.

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In celebration of APIC’s 40th anniversary, Barbara shared memories of APIC: 

I had the privilege of serving as the 1994 president of APIC. Nineteen ninety three and four was a period of many transitions. In 1993 Lynn McDonald, the 1993 president and I helped manage the organization having dissolved our relationship with the management company. A former partner of the original company agreed to assist us till we found a new home and an Executive Director/CEO to allow us to become a self-managed organization. We asked Jean Parret, an APIC president in the early eighties, to temporarily relocate to Mundelein, Ill. to assist Ed Styger’s staff and to help go through everything in storage in preparation for the next move. For Jean, that was the beginning of ‘Miss Jean’s Place’ at APIC conferences. Part of my role along with Ralph Rivkind and other board members was to find a home for us in [Washington] DC. Ralph and I eventually found the first office. Under Lynn’s term we had interviewed and hired our first CEO, Rick Dorman. We officially moved to Washington during 1994. That was also the year we changed our name and logo for the first time since APIC began. Another major activity during my term was to get the Research Foundation, started by Lynn, up and running. One of my favorite memories of 1994 is when I first met Terrie Lee and Deannie Lancaster who followed me as 1995 and 1996 APIC presidents, as well as many other APIC members, who to this day still remain friends.

I do not have a copy of my presentation I gave at APIC Cincinnati however I do remember the theme. It was ‘The Road to Success is Always Under Construction.’  It was very apropos at the time and still is today. APIC has come a long way since 1994 and will continue to go much further under current and future leadership.

I was very fortunate to know Carol DeMille and believe many of her traits rubbed off on me. She even visited us in South Florida. I remember saying to myself I want to be like her some day and that made it very special when I received the Carol DeMille Award in 2002.