Cathryn Murphy RN, PhD, CIC

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Cath Murphy served as APIC president in 2010.

Read Cath’s presidential address given at APIC 2010 in New Orleans.

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In celebration of APIC’s 40th anniversary, Cath shared memories of APIC: 

2010 was an amazing year for APIC. We lead the way at the Fifth Decennial, we continued to spearhead major efforts to work collaboratively with U.S. public policy stakeholders. Our membership grew to greater than 14,000 and at that year’s annual conference we welcomed delegates from more non-North American locations than in any previous year. That aside two events stand out for me as being significant. The first was the awarding of the Carol DeMille Award to Denise Murphy, one of APIC’s finest members and a dear friend and mentor. I will cherish that presentation as a career highpoint. The other event was more dramatic, from out of left field and it catapulted APIC into a period of extreme challenge but one which enabled APIC and its members to truly shine. It was the resignation in October 2010 of our then CEO, Kathy Warye who until her departure had transformed APIC into the largest, most productive and most successful infection prevention organization in the world. It was my privilege to serve alongside her. 

Rather than try and condense the enormous respect, affection, and commitment I feel for APIC and its members I would prefer to submit this poem dedicated to Carole DeMille as the closing part of my 2010 Presidential address. It tells far better than I could how Carole’s vision for the organization has grown to be the organization so loved by us all.

So Carole
I’ve told you lots of stories, I’ve shared my biggest fears,
I’ve done it with great pride but I’m holding back the tears
You now know about your APIC, the one you helped us build.
You’ve heard about its growth, you know it leads the field;
I wonder how you find us? I wonder are you proud?
Should we bask a while in sunlight or cower under cloud?
Have we carried on your passion, your integrity, your direction?
Have we honoured your intention, your vision and your perfection?
Have we been relentless, successful and courageous,
How do you really find us?  Well intended or outrageous?
Have we made preventing infection appealing, perhaps inviting
Would it still attract you, would it be exciting?
Whatever your answer, whatever your view 
On behalf of APIC, its members and its crew,
Let, me say it loudly
Carole DeMille rest well, we miss you, and
Thank You

“Murphy Senior and Murphy Junior – New Orleans, July 2010”

Kathy Warye, Denise Murphy, Cath Murphy pose at National Press Club event to celebrate IIPW.