Christine Nutty RN, MSN, CIC

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Christine Nutty served as APIC president in 2009.

Read the Show Daily article about Christine from APIC 2009.

Read the “President’s Message” from Christine in the winter 2009 issue of Prevention Strategist.

In celebration of APIC’s 40th anniversary, Christine shared memories of APIC

Lecturing at 18 different chapter conferences in the U.S. was both a challenge and an honor for me. Despite the economic conditions of 2009, my travel expenses were almost totally covered by the chapters. The greatest joy from this experience was meeting face-to-face, more than a thousand members. Many members met with me the evening before conference for dinner and conversation. Getting to know more of the members was a luxury and a memory I shall always cherish.  

I was also fortunate to obtain flyer miles or alternate organization reimbursement for travel to Newfoundland, Lithuania, and the UK. Attending and lecturing at the CHICA, IFIC, and IPS conferences were both exciting and fun. Listening to persons from around the world who do the same jobs and share some of the same problems was an absolute joy.