Materials for healthcare facilities

Patients and family members are a critical part of the healthcare team. You play an important role in preventing infection and staying safe when you visit a healthcare facility. 

Infection Prevention and You materials help healthcare consumers understand the important questions to ask their caregivers to stay infection free. They also inform consumers about infection preventionists, dedicated healthcare professionals who work to protect patients from healthcare-associated infections. Download Infection Prevention and You campaign materials to share with others.

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The resources on the following pages are free to download and share. We encourage the use of our consumer resources for infection prevention education, provided that the information is not modified. Please attribute these resources to the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) and include the links to additional resources (if applicable). If you have questions, please contact

Break the Chain of Infection infographic

The Do’s and Don’ts for wearing gloves in the healthcare environment

The Do’s and Don’ts for wearing procedure masks in non-surgical healthcare settings

The Do’s and Don’ts for wearing N95 respirators in non-surgical healthcare settings

The ABC’s of Antibiotics

What are healthcare-associated infections?

Who are infection preventionists?

You are an important part of infection prevention!

Infection Prevention and You Infographic

Infection Prevention and You at the Hospital

Infection Prevention and You in Long-Term Care

Infection Prevention and You in Outpatient Settings

Infection Prevention and You with Home Care 

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