APIC is proud to launch COVID SMART, a partnership with Direct Education Worldwide, that helps businesses get smart about COVID-19 through a series of quizzes and tests designed to increase knowledge and strategies to prevent infection in the workplace.


COVID SMART is an interactive safety training program for workplaces that teaches and tests knowledge of COVID-19 and basic infection prevention measures through short online modules and animated videos.

How does COVID SMART help?

As employees return to work, retail establishments and other businesses may need help training their employees on healthy practices and safety precautions to protect employees and the public from COVID-19 and ensure customers that their establishments are safe. Through our partnership on COVID SMART, APIC is sharing its infection prevention knowledge and expertise with the broader community so that businesses and other establishments can reopen safely.

What is APIC’s role?

Direct Education Worldwide developed the content with clinical input and oversight from APIC. APIC experts will update the modules periodically to ensure accuracy as more is learned about COVID-19.