George Counts MD

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 George Counts served as APIC president in 1983.

Read George’s first presidential message to the APIC membership.

In celebration of APIC’s 40th anniversary, George shared memories of APIC:

In the 10 years since APIC’s formation, much had been accomplished. The membership had grown rapidly from 3,036 in 1977 to 5,977 in 1983. The organization had published its Position Paper in 1978, which detailed the areas of expertise that should be possessed by persons known as Infection Control Practitioners (ICPs), as well as what should be the features of an ideal infection control program. What was lacking in 1983 was assurance of standardization in which ICPs possess the body of knowledge and skills to be essential to the practice of infection control. During that year, we developed and published the first APIC Curriculum for Infection Control Practice, designed to be a resource document and a self-assessment tool. Also during that year, the independent Certification Board in Infection Control offered the first examinations.