Georgia Dash RN, MS, CIC

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Georgia “Gigi” Dash served as APIC president in 2002. 

Read a 2009 testimonial from Georgia on the importance of certification.

In celebration of APIC’s 40th anniversary, Georgia shared memories of APIC: 

My year as APIC President, 2002, was the Association’s 30th anniversary. It was a year that I shall always remember because it demonstrated, in an incredibly powerful way, the strength and commitment of the APIC community to provide infection prevention resources in support of our colleagues, our healthcare facilities, and the public as they dealt with the wave of bioterrorism attacks that followed the tragedy of 9/11.  

While responding to these critical issues the Association faced significant financial challenges and a re-structuring of its national office staff and services; nonetheless, we maintained our focus on prevention of HAI and promotion of patient safety with the following outcomes: 

  • The first APIC/CDC/SHEA Patient Safety Symposium 
  • APIC / CBIC representation on TJC Infection Control Advisory Panel resulting in new TJC, IP & C Standards
  • APIC Annual Conference – 2,000 attendees from 14 countries
  • New e-learning modules, toolkits/handbooks, and a revised APIC Text
  • Correction of APIC’s financial deficit and return to profitability by year-end 2002

These accomplishments could not have occurred without the individual and collective effort of the community that we call APIC, that I was privileged to serve.