Happy New Year and thank you to APIC members!

Dear APIC Members,

During this season of gratitude, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your dedication and commitment to preventing infections and making healthcare safer. We are especially grateful for all of you who volunteer your time and talents in support of APIC’s mission and programs. As we prepare for the upcoming New Year, we wanted to share a summary of key accomplishments and preview some of our plans for 2019. 

In 2018, we undertook an ambitious agenda based on APIC leadership’s strategic focus on increasing the value of the IP. Key elements of this strategy are broadening IP influence, promoting IP leadership, creating collaborative relationships, creating a knowledge-base about IPs—their practice and IPC programs—advancing implementation science and research, and expanding boundaries for both APIC and the individual IP. Major highlights are listed below.

  • The Role of the IP in a Transformed Healthcare System — APIC held a 3-day consensus conference which brought together stakeholders from diverse healthcare settings and roles to map the desired future of the IP. In March/April 2019, we are publishing a paper in AJIC and an article in Prevention Strategist with the highlights. Look for more information soon on our website. 
  • APIC/SHEA Joint Leadership Development Course — This interactive 3-day conference brought together IPs, healthcare epidemiologists/ID physicians, and administrators for an intensive learning experience. The first of its kind for APIC, this course is focused on strengthening the collaborative leadership skills of IPs and others whose focus is on IPC. APIC will offer this course again in 2019. Stay tuned for more details. 
  • Joint Paper on the Synergy Between Antimicrobial Stewardship and IPCPublished jointly with SHEA and SIDP (Society for Infectious Disease Pharmacists).
  • Video on the Role of the IPDescribes our profession for those who might not know what we do and encourages others to join us. Please feel free to use it in your education and recruitment efforts!
  • Certification: The Defining Difference Campaign — This state-based legislative effort encourages new IPs to become certified in infection prevention and control. APIC will continue to promote this legislation in state legislatures in 2019.
  • Survey to C-Suite/Healthcare Executives on Perception of the IP Role — A summary of the findings can be found in the Winter 2018 issue of Prevention Strategist. APIC will use this knowledge to expand outreach to healthcare executives in the coming year.
  • Market Research on the Needs of IPs Working in Long-term Care, Outpatient Clinics, and Critical Access Hospitals — In 2019, APIC will develop expanded educational offerings for settings outside of acute care.
  • Increasing IP Competency — APIC will launch a revised IP Competency Model in the new year, along with a newly envisioned, interactive version of the Novice Roadmap.
  • APIC Program of Distinction — In 2019, APIC will leverage the Program of Distinction to recognize the value that robust IPC programs demonstrate based on APIC standards and criteria.
  • Strategic Planning — 2019 is the last year of APIC’s current Strategic Plan. In the coming year, APIC will develop the next strategic vision and plan to carry the organization forward. APIC will integrate recommendations from the consensus conference into our next strategic plan. 

APIC will continue to support the current needs of IPs, while strategically preparing for the future. We look forward to working with you to accomplish our ambitious goals and wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.



Janet Haas, PhD, RN, CIC, FSHEA, FAPIC, 2018 APIC president

Katrina Crist, MBA, CAE, Chief Executive Officer