How you can support relevant research

Research funded by your contribution

APIC is committed to research that helps infection preventionists make clinically relevant and meaningful improvements to patient safety. The APIC Research Fund, which is overseen by the Research Committee, was established to support these research initiatives. The fund itself consists of contributions from chapters and individual members. 

As APIC members serving on the Research Committee, it is our honor and privilege to thank past contributors and to request your continued support of the APIC Research Fund.

The APIC Research Fund has supported several key initiatives over the past year, including the APIC MegaSurvey: State of the IP Profession, which collected crucial information related to IP demographics, organizational structure, practice and competencies, and compensation. Results of the MegaSurvey (available in 2016) will present the current landscape of the infection prevention profession and provide the basis for future enhancements and professional standardization efforts.

We encourage you to visit the APIC website to review the major accomplishments supported by past contributions As APIC heads into the New Year, we want to ensure it is solidly positioned to launch additional initiatives—your tax-deductible donation will support those new initiatives. 

To contribute: send your check made payable to “APIC Research Fund” to APIC Research Fund,  1275 K Street, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005. For more information visit APIC’s research webpage or email Charu Malik, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Research at 

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution. 

APIC Research Committee, 2015