Jean Parret RN

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Jean Parret served as APIC president in 1982.

Read a guest editorial in the August 1982 issue of AJIC by Jean titled, “A decade of dedication.” 

Jean shares her memories and reflects on APIC’s milestones during her presidency: 

During my presidency, APIC was a young, growing, committed and caring group of members and elected leaders. I saw a need to bring the board and the members closer together. I did not want to see a chasm between us. We added times during the conference when attendees could meet the board. I directed current officers and committee chairs to start writing procedures that could be communicated to those following them to assist us in getting organized and learning what our responsibilities were. We also initiated an orientation for new board members. I appointed George Counts to serve on the Annual Conference Committee so he could plan his conference. We also added the ‘President’s Address’ at that time. When I turned the gavel over to George, I did so with a hug because we had become a ‘hugging board’ and I think we still are. 

What APIC means to me

Since 1973 when I first joined APIC, I was so excited to know that there was an organization to which I could go for information. They were helpful in assisting me to get my area organized to become chapter #19. As Chairman of the local chapters committee in 1981, I was able to assist other groups into making that leap into becoming a chapter. By that time, we were beginning to develop the scientific basis upon which to make our decisions. We were ready to take the step to become the ones to whom other disciplines could turn. Now I feel like a proud grandparent as I watch the progress that my ‘children’ have made and how far we have come. It takes a unique person to be drawn to infection control; today, we are a proud organization—always reaching for the stars.